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I hate Linux fanboys

I hate Linux fanboys
This strip seems to have hit several link sites and blogs, actually causing quite a stir. After lots and lots of feedback, here are some comments on the most common feedback.

Q: Why is the guy on the right such an asshole?
A: For every long time user out there, there appears to be 1000 users use only use Linux because they have issues with Microsoft, Windows or both. Such users generally aren't interested in Linux, but in having 'another Windows'. They aren't interested in learning new stuff or even care about the OS itself. When the fanatics run into trouble, they demand short answers with easily copy-pasteable commands to solve their issues. When things go sour, or when they demand the impossible* (like using Windows drivers for unsupported devices), they lash out at their helpers and usually either switch Linux distros, or go back to Windows.

Being an oldtimer, I've seen my share of this and I drew this comic to unwind after seeing one such case too many.

* Yes, I know of Ndiswrapper.

Q: Surely you could be nice and educate the newbies.
A: I sure could, but the general attitude after something goes over the fanatics' head, is "THIS IS WAY TOO COMPLICATED, FUCK THIS". I prioritize my time to help the users that actually want to learn things. Or draw strips about that too.

Q: Are you saying that using Wine makes you a fake Linux user?
A: No. I see Wine rather useful piece of software in the cases where only one or two pieces of software force you to keep that Windows partition around. Wine was mentioned because quite often people looking for 'that other Windows' don't even bother to figure out how Linux's package management works, but go ahead and install the 'easy' Windows versions of programs that exist natively on Linux.

Q: Come on, no one's stupid enough to use Windows programs on Linux if there's an open alternative!
A: There's countless examples of this in every Ubuntu forum I've come across. That makes me very sad.

Q: What do you have against Ubuntu anyway?
A: Nothing. I chose Ubuntu because it's by far the most common distro for those who seek 'that other Windows'.

Q: You are just bitter and think you're better than everybody else!
A: No, I'm actually pretty helpful guy and spend lots of time helping people with their Linux and BSD problems. But I fail to see the point in doing things for people rather than teach them do it themselves. Sure I could just give out commands to fix things, or ssh in and do them myself as many seem to ask, but then again, guess what happens the next time that user needs help?

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